Thursday, September 5, 2013

Agnes Monica or Agnez Mo - Youtube Star Indonesia

That got 6.7 million Youtube views and counting? you may ask. Yep, the song is "Matahariku" , which means "my sun." The Indonesian singer is Agnes Monica, also known as Agnez Mo and Nez. Born in 1986 as Agnes Monica Muljoto, she was a child singing star and presenter on children's programs. She has released eight albums and acted in TV dramas. She is also a songwriter and producer and has been a judge on Indonesia's Idol TV singing contest.

Her popularity extends beyond Indonesia to Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Netherlands, Singapore, Korea, China, and Taiwan. She even appeared in two Taiwanese soap operas after she gained fans when appearing in an Asian song contest in Korea.

Matahariku: English lyrics

 "Matahariku", both the song and the video, would be popular in just about any country in Southeast Asia with a simple change of language: well-tutored and groomed singing star, soft-focus photography, saccharine lyrics of heartbreak that especially appeal to young female listeners, pretty girl moping around in floaty dress in pretty nature. The dress might be a little risque for Malaysia, but would be fine in Thailand (in a video; the bare shoulders would be a problem in real life.)

Here are the English lyrics to "Matahariku", if you insist. Samples: the door is now closed/the door to my heart , listen to me, my sun/to the sound of my cry, millions of rainbows in my heart/in seconds were blown away.

Agnes Monica ruffled Indonesian feathers when she was younger because she was quite outspoken about seeking fame beyond Indonesia. But that seems to have quieted down, perhaps because of her participation as a spokeswoman in campaigns against drugs, human trafficking and media piracy.

She has also made considerable advances on the international music front. She sang at the American Music Awards a few years ago. In the past, she collaborated on a song with US R & B singer Keith Martin. She is supposed to have released a song or record with Michael Bolton by now and is said to be working with US producer Timbaland on a new album. 

Probably the best source is her new website, which is still under construction at this writing. If the current video on it is an indicator, she had donned a more sophisticated look, in sound and appearance. She also appears much more Indonesian than in the Matahariku video, although rather scantily attired.

Youtube channel: AgnesMonicaENT

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