Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hilarious lip syncher Nong Kong - Thai Youtube Star

Nong Kong, the funny lip-synching schoolboy, is back with a medley of Thai pop songs and famous friends.

This kid will make you laugh: Nong Kong lip-synchs Thai pop songs

"Whatever" by the Thai female singer Waii was already a big hit in Thailand in early 2012 but it became much more famous when a young schoolboy did a lip-synching, gesture-mocking version from his bedroom. Nong Kong uploaded it to Youtube in May and within about a month about 3 million people had seen it. The number must be close to 5 million by now. He was soon appearing on talk and variety shows, sang with Waii herself, spawned parodies and you can imagine the rest. 

I have inserted the original video below but I think his comeback (above)--seemingly still in his modest bedroom and in his alluring bath towel--is funnier and more useful to newcomers who want to know a little something about Thai pop culture. From this medley of pop tunes you can get a sense of what mainstream Thai pop sounds like: very fast, light and poppy.Women have to sing in a high register reminiscent of Japanese elevator ladies. Don't you love Nong Kong's eyeglasses and the fluttering hands? 

If you can't view the above video in your country, here's a link to where it appears on the GMM Grammy channel on Youtube.

Nong Kong is talented, though I pray he doesn't plan a career in this line. The opening shot of the new video is very long yet Nong Kong's gestures flow smoothly from one to another. (He is also no longer glancing over his shoulder to check if a parent is barging in.) I was marveling at the audo editing--wow, this boy is so clever!--when famous guest stars came dropping by. So, despite the bedroom background, this video was done by professionals in a studio. That the new video is on the GMM Youtube channel should have clued me in. The very last drop-in, in the hat, is Bo, a funny GMM emcee. The third-to-last guy with the brillo hair is also a ubiquitous comedic actor,  whose name escapes me at the moment.

GMM (aka Grammy) is the biggest recording company in Thailand. It also employs songwriters in many genres, trains starlets and wannabes, and runs TV programs and concert tours. 

The boy's name is Kong, btw. "Nong" means "young" or "younger" and is a form of address to children and younger siblings. It's most useful of all for catching the attention of waiters and waitresses.

The original Youtube video of Nong Kong is below. Warning: if you are already in Thailand, once you hear this song, you will hear it everywhere. You might start humming it. Actually, ubiquitous one right now is the sixth song in the first video's medley, the one right before the first guest appearance. It accompanies a DQ animated commercial on the Skytrain--in which chocolate and butterscotch drops dance to a frenzy.

Nong Kong singing and mugging in his Youtube debut.

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